Visual Bad Boy Advance Pokemon How Do I Speed Up My Visual Boy Advance?

How do I speed up my Visual Boy Advance? - visual bad boy advance pokemon

Hello guys. I use Visual Boy Advance 1.8.0 Beta 3 and worked well in recent weeks. Yesterday I played a Pokemon game on my VBA, and I realized that my VBA was not slowing down and the game began, really good.

I searched on Google how to accelerate it, but I think that would have been worse. Now my speed of PLA is 99% and kept at 99%. Sometimes it goes to 100%, but this is not a difference of 99%.

Whenever I am in my Pokemon game, I think, is very lazy. If my space bar, then the speed is increased to 190% and almost 200%. My body is jumping and 9, without regard to the space bar, the speed is only 99% - 100%.

Is there a way to measure the speed of my place of VBA and hold the spacebar to raise? Because if you hold down the spacebar and then accelerate the music as well, and I will not. I just want the speed of standard music.


The_only... said...

Whoa, the problem here is that you must drop the frame, is 9 If you have 9 bins 9 tables, the delay there is a real phenomenon. So, if you want to Options> frameskip> 2
2 is the standard --
If you are a good way to speed up the following link to

Holla said...

Reset 0.It frameskip make for smoother performance.
To do this, select Options> frameskip.
Accelerate Now, select Options> Emulator shifter and driver.''Accelerate this process should be.

Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

It appears in the Sound Options> Silent + FROM MUCH faster to go

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